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Let me share a bit about how I found my way into wedding photography. It all started with my love for hiking. Being out in nature sparked my creativity, and I started seeing the world differently, like an artist. I wanted to capture not just the scenery but also the feelings and stories behind it all.

I'm Coral

As I got better equipment 

I could really dive into the technical side of photography – the light, the angles, the composition. It was like unlocking a whole new level of artistry.

Combining my art background with my passion for photography gave my work a unique style. Below are some of the photos of the scenery I’ve taken during my hikes, along with behind-the-scenes shots. I also have a soft spot for dogs, especially since I was raised alongside Rottweilers. Their loyal companionship and protective instincts have left a lasting impression on me. So, if you’re a fellow dog lover, we’ll definitely have something in common to chat about.

Based in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Australia, I'm on an incredible journey of capturing my clients' love stories. Whether you're nearby or feel like taking a trip, I'd love to hang out and get to know each other better!

One of my favorite shot

Perched at the peak of the mountain, surrounded by the hushed stillness of the pre-dawn hours, fellow photographers had already begun setting up their tripods, eagerly anticipating the spectacular sunrise. As the sky gradually transformed from indigo to a soft hue of pink, the air was charged with excitement and anticipation.

One of my cherished captures—a beautiful moment shared by a lovely couple I had the pleasure of meeting atop the majestic mountain. As the sunrise painted the sky with hues of warmth, they cozied up together, savoring the comforting embrace of steaming coffee amidst the crisp, chilly air.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-16 at 3.18.17 AM.jpg

From a different vantage point atop the mountain, where the world unfurled in all its splendor

As the first hints of light began to paint the sky in hues of pink and gold, we fell into a reverent silence, each lost in the beauty of the moment. With cameras in hand and shutters clicking, we captured the ever-changing landscape as it transformed with the rising sun.


The scenery atop this mountain feels utterly surreal, transporting me to a realm that seems worlds away from the familiar landscapes below. As far as the eye can see, rugged mountain rocks stretch out in every direction, creating a landscape that feels both ancient and otherworldly.

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